About Scam Complaint Registry

About The Scam Complaint Registry

Who we are

The Scam Complaint Registry is an online crowd-sourced database and forum that provides online resources to individuals who have been scammed with options that supersede the generic avenues of scam reporting. 


Reporting Scams Generically 

Ordinarily, a victim of a scam, or an individual who suspects a company of scamming them would turn to their local government body to report them. In some cases this may be the police or a specific law enforcement department such as Action Fraud UK for individuals living in Great Britain. Others may report their scam to a regulatory body if their case involves a trading scam or Bitcoin scam (which unfortunately will not help in the case of scams involving Cryptocurrencies). In few instances an individual may try using legal advisors or consultants to attempt to recover their lost funds. Some have the insight to seek out the financial ombudsman of their district to find recourse. 


Reporting Scams as an Individual 

What do the above scam reporting avenues have in common? All of these government agencies rarely provide assistance on a level that is meaningful enough to the individual. Often, lobbyists will be able to accomplish having laws passed that hold banking and other financial institutions accountable for their inequities or to ensure that they practice ethically in their future business endeavors. However the individual who has been scammed is often represented as a statistic to the regulatory body more than an actual case to be dealt with. 


The Scam Complaint Registry Answers 

The Scam Complaint Registry provides the resources necessary to help you understand how and where to report a scam, and to do all of the due diligence necessary to ensure that if it’s possible to recover your money, you do so accordingly. 


Speak to other scam victims

The Scam Complaint Registry Forum provides an online community where you can not only find out if others were scammed by the same company or individuals, but also understand what they did to get their money back or what kind of outcome they can expect. 


Reliable Advice 

The advice that the Scam Complaint Registry offers is based on research and the collective data of many individuals who have observed different types of scams spanning many years (often provided by you the individual). By documented and organizing the scam data the Scam Complaint Registry provides accurate, verified and current information to its users. 


Types of Scams

The Scam Complaint Registry has helped individual combat Forex trading scams, binary options, Bitcoin scams, recovery company scams and many more. Join us in spreading awareness and doing everything possible to make it inconvenient for scams to prosper. 

SCR welcomes input and critique to all of its resources and reports.  



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