101investing Review – Scam Report

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Know your options and recover your lost funds. File a complaint.

    Is 101investing legit?

    We’ll be shedding a bit of light on that in the coming paragraphs. We’ll also address if 101Investing is regulated.

    If you have deposited money with 101investing and you suspect that they are not being honest with you, it is possible to get your money back.
    Many regulated brokers, unregulated companies and investment firms have been found to be scams.

    Under many circumstances there are avenues in place that are there to protect individuals and help them to get their money back.

    We can let you know how it’s possible to recover your money.


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    Is 101investing a scam?

    Despite what any 101investing review has told you, 101investing is a suspected scam. We don’t recommend trading with them. If you are already trading with 101investing we recommend you immediately cease depositing any amount of funds with them, in particular if they are asking for a fee to withdraw your money. DO NOT PAY IT.

    Is 101Investing regulated?

    101Investing is in fact regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC), their license number is 315/16. They are owned by FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd.

    As a CySec regulated broker this means that if the company scams you, there is the possibility of recourse. We can explain to you how you can get your money back.

    101investing scam website

    The 101investing Scam

    As more and more reports become confirmed, it will become abundantly clear if 101investing is scamming all of it’s clients. In our experience if the broker has made it’s way onto this list, the broker is 99% a scam.

    As of yet the unfortunate facts on the ground are that this company has been fielding the clients of the recently shut down ITrader. When Itrader lost its licenses for scammy behavior this past year, the company instructed its operators to transfer its client to 101investing. This relationship alone is a major cause for concern. On top of this, numerous complaints are regularly reported regarding overly aggressive brokers and issues with withdrawals. Difficulty withdrawing funds is one of the top indicators of a scam. The fact that 101investing is still regulated can mean either there is more to know, or the regulator is dragging its feet in cracking down on them. This wouldn’t be the first time that CySEC dragged their feet in holding a company accountable. In the meantime we suggest using a company with a higher level of regulation such as the FCA. Fortrade is a good example of a company that has long been trusted and has licenses from top regulators worldwide.


    You can read our Fortrade review here and decide if Fortrade is right for you.

    Who is 101Investing?

    101Investing is a Cyprus based CFD broker. They first appeared on the market in 2020. As we mentioned they are owned by FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd. which has been registered since 2016. They are located at 79, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave., MGO Protopapas Building, 1st Floor, 3076, Limassol, Cyprus.



    What products does 101investing offer?

    101Investing offers over 45 currency pairs which can be traded as CFD’s. They are offer over 20 popular cryptocurrencies. As far as commodities they offer 15 both hard and soft. Stock trading includes over 75 global stocks and in indices they offer the FTSE100 and DAX30. We know that all of these instruments are being used to deceive clients into thinking that they’ll be able to take profit when the time comes.



    Looking for a regulated broker? Check out our Fortrade Review to see if they’re right for you. 








    If 101investing has done anything similar to the below items, you are most likely being scammed by 101investing.


    Legal Signs of a Scam

    • The company or broker is not regulated.
    • The company or broker is regulated by a foreign regulatory body that is not trustworthy.
    • The company is regulated by CySEC.
    • The company has had it’s license suspended.

    Contact us by submitting your information in the form on the page. We’ll let you know as soon as possible how you can get your money back.


    Behavioral Signs of a Scam

    • The broker has been overly pushy in getting you to deposit your money.
    • The broker does not react positively when you ask for a withdrawal.
    • The broker does not allow you to withdraw your money.
    • The broker has offered you or pushed you to take a bonus.
    • The broker has logged into your personal computer.
    • The broker is charging you to withdraw your funds.
    • Trades have been placed without your consent.
    • The company withdrew funds from your account or charged your credit card without permission
    • The broker asked for a picture of the front and back of your credit card to be sent by email.
    • The broker asked for your government form of ID to be sent in an email or on the website.
    • The broker told you to place a trade and then you immediately after lost all or most of your money.

    Locations that scam brokers are often found in.

    If the broker that you’re dealing with is located in any of the below locations it is reason for concern, as these areas are notorious for hosting Forex scams as well as Crypto and Binary Options scams.

    Let us know right away if…

    • The broker is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    • The broker is located in Belize.
    • The broker is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica
    • The broker is located in the Cook Islands.
    • The broker is located in The Marshall Islands.
    • The broker is located in Mauritius.
    • The broker is located in Seychelles
    • The broker is located in Vanuatu.


    Know your rights and get your money back. By filling out your information, we’ll be able to advise you right away.



    Scam Complaint Registry recommends Fortrade as a trusted broker. They are licensed and registered with the FCA (UK), ASIC (AU) and the IIROC (Canada). They are based in London and with their strong regulatory backing make them as safe as a broker could be. Read our full Fortrade review here



    Disclaimer: It is not always possible to recover lost funds. Many cases of recovery scams have been reported where the victim is guaranteed to get their money back. We can assess your case and advise you right away if it’s possible to recover your money.


    1. Robert James Punter

      I have invested in 101 for £250 , how do I get My Money Back. I have not yet traded any funds.

      • Navèed hussain

        101investing is big scam company, please do not trust them.

    2. Elena Baranova

      I’ve been betrayed by 101investing , they promised to support and teaching me but they don’t.., only what whey want money from you as much as possible.
      The broker has been overly pushy in getting you to deposit your money.
      The broker told you to place a trade and then you immediately after lost all or most of your money.

    3. Jonathan Weeks

      I have deposited £2690.00 with 101 investments but now realise I have been foolish I have requested to withdraw £1000.00 which I am now told will take up to 10 days to reach my account. Up to this point I have not made any trades.

    4. Mauro Beca

      This guys are equipped with the best tools to make you to loose all your money. The account manager I had were Chrysanthos C a Samantha and Tal. (Probably fake names). They are all based in Cyprus.
      They are very good deceiving people, starting with low volumes to show how easy is to make money, then they start bring the volume up and forcing you to make decisions without any thought process.
      Once you trapped they will ask you to add more money so you can come out of the dangerous of loosing all , but that’s a lie, what they want his to charge you with their swap service (very high) and obvious they will start the trade in negative so they can make a substantial amount of money, special if the volume is high.
      Unfortunately I’m part of those whom felt in their trap and obviously I am here to tell you not to use this broker, they have no mercy, they are cruel people with one single objective RIP YOU OFF.
      I have conversations recorded if anyone interested in listen to it.
      They are indeed regulated company and everything is legit but if you are a beginner you have no change against them, they are so good that they would sell water to the sea.
      Other things:
      Their app sometimes doesn’t work, if you are in profit and are waiting for their advise they won’t contact you until it goes negative again. Once the market change it will go over night then you will have to pay for the swap…………… Traps over traps.
      There is no signals of when to buy or when to sell.
      Loads more to share about this scam company, I read all the reviews from different website and still I did trust them, my own fault and noone to blame apart of myself.
      Trading is good if you are doing it with serious organisation that will take their profit but are really prepared to helping you to make money.
      I will be more carefully going forward.

    5. Rafi

      Warning, dont fall for this scam!!!!!

    6. Ice

      Be careful with this company they were pushing me to make deposit and when i decided i will think about it first, that guy become irritated. Be careful i am reporting them to stop these deceitful organisations

    7. Heather Chance

      I have been scammed by Chris at 101 Investing

    8. Margaret Baxter

      They have 1744e of mine, not sure what’s going on?


    9. Dan

      This is a sham company that based its strategy on harassing once they tricked you with fake ads to get your numbers.
      These people are not more than scumbags trying to get you to invest with them and then rob your money.

      They have been calling for different numbers several times per day including weekends even though I told them to stop calling several times, sending emails and so on, clearly harassing and stalking is their criminal strategy here.

      As long as they keep calling, I will keep denouncing them in all social media options available to keep other people to lose their money and be harassed by these criminals.

    10. Naser

      They are wrong people I have deposited €500 but I can’t withdraw my money back. They are very motherfuker people. Don’t trust them first day they are calling you to invest with them. After that there telefoon are not working. If any body knows how to withdraw money please tell me also.

    11. seamus ryan

      I invested €10K and was told there would be a stop put on it dipping below €9 so I would only lose €1k. The next day I had lost it all. They wanted more money to “fuel the car” and ride out the storm.

    12. Rony Mazumder

      Hi ..
      I have been a big victim of this scam company .. is their a legal course of action I can take against these people .

      • Steven Filler

        Have you submitted your information?


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