CTX Prime Review – Scam Report

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Know your options and recover your lost funds. File a complaint.

    Is CTX Prime legit?

    We’ll be shedding a bit of light on that in the coming paragraphs. If you have deposited money with CTX Prime and you suspect that they are not being honest with you, it is possible to get your money back.
    Many regulated brokers, unregulated companies and investment firms have been found to be scams.

    Under many circumstances there are avenues in place that are there to protect individuals and help them to get their money back.

    We can let you know how it’s possible to recover your money.


    Is CTX Prime a scam?

    Despite what any CTX Prime review has told you, CTX Prime is a scam. We don’t recommend trading with them. If you are already trading with CTX Prime we recommend you immediately cease depositing any amount of funds with them, in particular if they are asking for a fee to withdraw your money. DO NOT PAY IT.


    The CTX Prime Scam

    CTX Prime is owned by RMD Developments LTD. Many reports have indicated that individuals arrived at the CTX Prime website using a trading app. One of the most prominent of these apps is Bitcoin Loophole a notorious fraudulent trading app.

    As more and more reports become confirmed, it has become abundantly clear that CTX Prime is scamming it’s clients. In our experience if the broker has made it’s way onto this list, the broker is 99% a scam, in this case it’s 100%. .


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    If CTX Prime has done anything similar to the below items, you are most likely being scammed by CTX Prime.


    Legal Signs of a Scam

    • The company or broker is not regulated.
    • The company or broker is regulated by a foreign regulatory body that is not trustworthy.
    • The company is regulated by CySEC.
    • The company has had it’s license suspended.

    Contact us by submitting your information in the form on the page. We’ll let you know as soon as possible how you can get your money back.


    Behavioral Signs of a Scam

    • The broker has been overly pushy in getting you to deposit your money.
    • The broker does not react positively when you ask for a withdrawal.
    • The broker does not allow you to withdraw your money.
    • The broker has offered you or pushed you to take a bonus.
    • The broker has logged into your personal computer.
    • The broker is charging you to withdraw your funds.
    • Trades have been placed without your consent.
    • The company withdrew funds from your account or charged your credit card without permission
    • The broker asked for a picture of the front and back of your credit card to be sent by email.
    • The broker asked for your government form of ID to be sent in an email or on the website.
    • The broker told you to place a trade and then you immediately after lost all or most of your money.

    Locations that scam brokers are often found in.

    • If the broker that you’re dealing with is located in any of the below locations it is reason for concern, as these areas are notorious for hosting Forex scams as well as Crypto and Binary Options scams.
    • Let us know right away if
    • The broker is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    • The broker is located in Belize.
    • The broker is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica
    • The broker is located in the Cook Islands.
    • The broker is located in The Marshall Islands.
    • The broker is located in Mauritius.
    • The broker is located in Seychelles
    • The broker is located in Vanuata.


    Know your rights and get your money back. By filling out your information, we’ll be able to advise you right away.


    Disclaimer: It is not always possible to recover lost funds. Many cases of recovery scams have been reported where the victim is guaranteed to get their money back. We can assess your case and advise you right away if it’s possible to recover your money.


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    1. Tracy McPherson

      I invested money to both these scammers.

    2. Darryl Quinlan

      I invested money in ctx prime and refused access to my account

      • Christoph Eicher

        Dear Daryl,
        I invested a large sum with CTXprime and all things looked good for a short while, on my request to make a withdrawal 6 Dec 2020 everything changed, they refused & did not provide any payments, talked about locking the account and they kept trading with a poor stock , loosing value very quickly. On the request of revealing the bank and their Insurance for loss of recovery for client investment capital, they stayed silence. It strikes me that the accounts I see are just internal accounts in CTX and no bank, and that CTXprime has control over what is happing to that account.

    3. Ing. Martin Plechatý

      I have the same problem. I started trading with CTX Prime with an account of EUR 500 in September 2020. Thanks to the very kind approach of Karlo fisrt and then Antonio, I recklessly increased my account to 5000 EUR and at the end of November I had over 6700 EUR in my account. Then these kind guys disappeared, nobody was in touch with us, I was not able to sig in our account. Suddenly another a kind of CTX Prime manager Arne started to taking care of us by saying that our account is in a dangerous because of the contract of previous brokers??? As I continued to refused his kind help and other offers, a loss began to appear in my account. When I asked them that I would withdraw the rest of the money from my account, they told me that my account was booked for trading for next 6 months and that the fee for canceling this booking was roughly equal to the rest of the money in my account. I had around just EUR 3000 in my account, and was I afraid to happen came unfortunatelly true. Arne called me yesterday to inform me that my account does not exist anymore, that I have lost all my money. Did anyone try to file a criminal complaint against them with the police and with what result? An Interpol investigation should be the rigt one!


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