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    A Real Review of Immediate Edge

    Many regulated brokers, unregulated companies and investment firms in the end turn out to be scams. All the more so is true when it comes to offshore brokers and fly by night, get rich quick, trading app scams.

    If you haven’t already started to trading with Immediate Edge then consider yourself to be lucky. Immediate Edge seems to cover all of the scam bases. It being a nefarious highly marketed trading app that will steal your money as quick as you can deposit.


    Is Immediate Edge a scam?

    Despite what any Immediate Edge review has told you, Immediate Edge is a confirmed crypto trading scam. We don’t recommend trading with them at all. If you are already trading with Immediate Edge we recommend you immediately cease depositing any amount of funds with them. If they ask for a fee to withdraw your money, DO NOT PAY IT.

    We are aware that there are many websites claiming the legitimacy of this company, you can quote us when we say, Immediate Edge is a scam.

    Immediate Edge Scam

    Is Immediate Edge regulated?

    Absolutely not. Immediate Edge is not regulated or licensed by any regulatory authority. Not only are they unregulated but they’ve been blacklisted by two major regulatory authorities, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and by ConSob (Italian watchdog).


    An important to point out that Immediate Edge doesn’t even claim to be regulated. They claim on their website that the “Immediate Edge app operates through regulated tier-one brokers”. This is a blatantly false claim. While it is true that Immediate Edge operates through other brokers, these brokers are by no means “tier-one” or “regulated”. If one would argue that some of these brokers are regulated in places like the Cayman Islands. Scam Complaint Registry does not consider corrupt government sponsored entities such as these to be “regulators”.

    Immediate Edge fraud


    Who is Immediate Edge?

    Immediate Edge is a crypto robot trading scam. Other than that there is no known valid information regarding the company. The real location of the company and the identity of the individuals who operate Immediate Edge is all unknown. This is because they are a complete scam and have no intention of being identified.

    Immediate Edge Sites

    Immediate Edge has been operating using multiple websites. They all state “The Official Website” and they are all part of the same scam. Here are some of Immediate Edge’s websites.






    The Immediate Edge Scam

    The Immediate Edge Scam works in many ways like other trading app scams. They make ridiculous promises of massive profits daily and draw in unsuspecting individuals who unfortunately fall victim to such obviously false claims. The website and brand essentially work as marketing tools to attract people. Once they’ve signed up and filled in their information they are directed to a broker. This broker is one of countless scam brokers operating from unknown locations.

    That’s where the second part of the scam begins. Immediate Edge has a proprietary software that’s designed to make people think that they are trading on a live market with reliable software. Because of this they are able to partner with other scam brokers and through revenue sharing arrangements. Scam brokers like Infinitrade, a scam broker registered in Sofia, Bulgaria. That broker will appear legitimate and the representative will sound knowledgeable of the markets. After convincing the unsuspecting client to deposit his or her funds the broker will take over and mistakenly tank your account.



    Fake Reviews

    Scam brokers are notorious for writing fake reviews about their own websites but it seems that Immediate Edge has taken things to the next level. Their trustpilot review page has actual reviews from real clients that describe the horrors that they experienced. In between these negative reviews Immediate Edge manages to fit in multiple “positive reviews” singing the praises of the robot trading company. But not one or two fake reviews, currently there are a whopping 10 fake reviews left after the last real one.

    The good news is that Trustpilot has place a warning on their page. The bad news is, with multiple websites and the apparent ability to create even more at ease, it’s easy for Immediate Edge to wiggle around the negative feedback and recreate their image in a positive light fairly quickly.

    Immediate Edge Trustpilot Alert

    Can I get my money back from Immediate Edge?

    Under many circumstances there are avenues in place that are there to protect individuals and help them to get their money back, unfortunately when it comes to transferred cryptocurrency this is not the case. If you’ve lost your money through crypto consider your losses and move on. If you want to recap your losses, do it using a regulated brand that has a good reputation. You can check out an example of a reliable broker in our review of Fortrade.

    If you made a payment to Immediate Edge using a credit card or debit, contact your bank or credit card provider right away. If you need assistance or guidance we can let you know how it’s possible to recover your money. If you’ve been scammed let us know here.




    Looking for a regulated broker? Check out our Fortrade Review to see if they’re right for you. 




    If the Immediate Edge or any of its subsidiaries have done anything similar to any of the below items, you’ve most likely been scammed by Immediate Edge.

    Legal Signs of a Scam

    • The company or broker is not regulated.
    • The company or broker is regulated by a foreign regulatory body that is not trustworthy.
    • The company is regulated by CySEC. (while CySEC is officially a known regulatory body, they have a long track record of giving licenses to companies that turn out to be scams)
    • The company has had it’s license suspended.

    Contact us by submitting your information in the form on the page. We’ll let you know as soon as possible how you can get your money back or if it’s not possible.


    Behavioral Signs of a Scam

    • The broker has been overly pushy in getting you to deposit your money.
    • The broker does not react positively when you ask for a withdrawal.
    • The broker does not allow you to withdraw your money.
    • The broker has offered you or pushed you to take a bonus.
    • The broker has logged into your personal computer.
    • The broker is charging you to withdraw your funds.
    • Trades have been placed without your consent.
    • The company withdrew funds from your account or charged your credit card without permission
    • The broker asked for a picture of the front and back of your credit card to be sent by email.
    • The broker asked for your government form of ID to be sent in an email or on the website.
    • The broker told you to place a trade and then you immediately after lost all or most of your money.

    Locations that scam brokers are often found in.

    • If the broker that you’re dealing with is located in any of the below locations it is reason for concern, as these areas are notorious for hosting Forex scams as well as Crypto and Binary Options scams.
    • Let us know right away if
    • The broker is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    • The broker is located in Belize.
    • The broker is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica
    • The broker is located in the Cook Islands.
    • The broker is located in The Marshall Islands.
    • The broker is located in Mauritius.
    • The broker is located in Seychelles
    • The broker is located in Vanuatu.



    Who can you trust to trade with? 

    Scam Complaint Registry recently reviewed Fortrade. They are licensed and registered with the FCA (UK), ASIC (AU) and the IIROC (Canada). They are based in London and with their strong regulatory backing make them as safe as a broker could be.




    Know your rights and get your money back. By filling out your information, we’ll be able to advise you right away.


    Disclaimer: It is not always possible to recover lost funds. Many cases of recovery scams have been reported where the victim is guaranteed to get their money back. We can assess your case and advise you right away if it’s possible to recover your money.


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