INVCenter Review – Scam Report

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Know your options and recover your lost funds. File a complaint.

    Is InvCenter legit?

    We’ll be shedding a bit of light on that in the coming paragraphs. If you have deposited money with InvCenter and you suspect that they are not being honest with you, it is possible to get your money back.
    Many regulated brokers, unregulated companies and investment firms have been found to be scams.

    Under many circumstances there are avenues in place that are there to protect individuals and help them to get their money back.

    We can let you know how it’s possible to recover your money.


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    Is InvCenter a scam?

    Despite what any InvCenter review has told you, InvCenter is a suspected scam . We don’t recommend trading with them. If you are already trading with InvCenter we recommend you immediately cease depositing any amount of funds with them, in particular if they are asking for a fee to withdraw your money. DO NOT PAY IT.


    Looking for a regulated broker? Check out our Fortrade Review to see if they’re right for you. 




    The InvCenter Scam

    As more and more reports become confirmed, it will become abundantly clear if InvCenter is scamming it’s clients. In our experience if the broker has made it’s way onto this list, the broker is 99% a scam.


    The FCA has issued a warning against Invcenter

    invcenter scam warning

    Read the full warning here.



    How do I withdraw from INVCenter?

    INVCenter is a suspected scam and therefor does not allow it’s clients to withdraw their money. This has been verified with numerous clients of INVCenter.


    Can I get my money back from InvCenter?

    If you paid using your credit card or debit it may be possible to raise a dispute. Unfortunately, companies such as InvCenter are prepared for disputes and therefor the disputes are often won by the scam company. If you’d like information on how you can fight back contact us here.



    Looking for a regulated broker? Check out our Fortrade Review to see if they’re right for you. 






    If the InvCenter has done anything similar to the below items, you are most likely being scammed by InvCenter.

    Legal Signs of a Scam

    • The company or broker is not regulated.
    • The company or broker is regulated by a foreign regulatory body that is not trustworthy.
    • The company is regulated by CySEC.
    • The company has had it’s license suspended.

    Contact us by submitting your information in the form on the page. We’ll let you know as soon as possible how you can get your money back.

    Behavioral Signs of a Scam

    • The broker has been overly pushy in getting you to deposit your money.
    • The broker does not react positively when you ask for a withdrawal.
    • The broker does not allow you to withdraw your money.
    • The broker has offered you or pushed you to take a bonus.
    • The broker has logged into your personal computer.
    • The broker is charging you to withdraw your funds.
    • Trades have been placed without your consent.
    • The company withdrew funds from your account or charged your credit card without permission
    • The broker asked for a picture of the front and back of your credit card to be sent by email.
    • The broker asked for your government form of ID to be sent in an email or on the website.
    • The broker told you to place a trade and then you immediately after lost all or most of your money.

    Locations that scam brokers are often found in.

    If the broker that you’re dealing with is located in any of the below locations it is reason for concern, as these areas are notorious for hosting Forex scams as well as Crypto and Binary Options scams.

    Let us know right away if…

    • The broker is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    • The broker is located in Belize.
    • The broker is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica
    • The broker is located in the Cook Islands.
    • The broker is located in The Marshall Islands.
    • The broker is located in Mauritius.
    • The broker is located in Seychelles
    • The broker is located in Vanuata.

    Know your rights and get your money back. By filling out your information, we’ll be able to advise you right away.

    Disclaimer: It is not always possible to recover lost funds. Many cases of recovery scams have been reported where the victim is guaranteed to get their money back. We can assess your case and advise you right away if it’s possible to recover your money.


    1. Andrew Cehan

      They’re really HEARTLESS MONSTERS !!!
      Sucking all out of you, only BIG lies !!!
      They’ll surely left you behind, totally broken.
      InvCenter should be destroyed immediatly by law.
      They must be stopped and punished as quick as possible !!!

      Every victim of Invcenter should speak out loud, go to police, spread the word everywhere.
      Because for the moment They are only laughing in everybody’s face.

      Their trading platform is totally fake.
      It looks Professional BUT :
      It’s like a HORROR SPIDER WEB, once you’re in, YOU ARE LOST !!!
      They surely put you on a “sucker-list” used by other malicious brokers to parasite on you even further!
      The worst part is that this can make you feel loosing your human spirit and destroying your social life too.

      Their names can be :
      Kevin Rask, David Sol, David Morgan, Avery Harper, Benjamin Verrati, Mr Ross, Sylviya Core, Natalie Richards, …

      Their methods to loot your money can be :
      Remote desktop – Anydesk.
      By credit card : Jubiter, Libra digital marketing, Ever-vm Moscow bank…
      Manipulating your account from Coinbase to transfer your money to unknown Bitcoinwallets.
      Manipulating your account from Transferwise to transfer your money to a suspicious account in Millennium Bank.

      These bunch of criminals still find new ways to loot your money.

      Their keywords are : lying, manipulating, cheating, looting all your money.


      It looks like there’s no justice.
      Justice became a joke.
      It looks like they make the whole world to become a PIECE OF SH**T !!!

      They can simply publish their malicious links in Google News. Even a big company like Google seems to be dumb.

      I REPEAT :
      It’s like a HORROR SPIDER WEB, once you’re in, YOU ARE LOST !!!

      Every positive review about Invcenter is FAKE NEWS created by themselves !!!

      • Wilhelmina A Coetzee

        It seems to me I have been horribly scammed by INV Center. Initially I wanted to invest a SMALL amount into Bitcoin (R250). Tyler Wilson (broker) then told me I need to invest at least R22 000 for a deposit to open an account. In the end I agreed to that and deposited the amount. Soon after that I read about their scams on internet and I immediately let them know that I wanted to withdraw my money. This was when the nightmare began! Mark Richards took over from Tyler Wilson. Maria Daniels was the ‘admin’ lady and requested documentation to be signed. Part of this documentation was a document with two amounts on it. I enquired about it and the answer was that if I do nor sign the documents, they will not be able to send me my money. They said they must first ‘verify ‘ my bank account. To make a long story short, they created anydesk on my computer (with me being all the way on the internet with them.) He then said we must just go into my bank account in order for them to ‘see’ if my account is verified. In a few second they took all the money in my accounts-(savings, credit with my overdraft limit, as well as all in my cheque account- plus the overdraft limits, and left my wiped out! After investigations by myself, I came to know that they deposited the money in their account at ABSA bank. ( I bank with Standard Bank) in the meantime numerous e-mails, were send between me and them. They then said they will need to go into my account again to varify my account to be able to pay the money back. I told them that is NOT going to happen and they must do a Bank to Bank transfer. They then said they need more money to do that. Of cause I told them that I will not put in one cent more. A man that called himself Jay or something like that – (I believe this is one person giving himself different names) phoned me. He was very rude and used the most foul language you can think about when he realized that I am not going to let him go into my account again.
        I am still without my money, and they have dissappeared- no answer to my mails.
        People warned me not to make use of companies offering services to get my funds back. They say it will cost me a lot of money without any possitive outcome. I even heard that InVcenter has their own way to invite people to leave their complaint and they will help them. At this stage, I do not mind that they see this. Maybe it will touch a nerve somewhere, that they have ripped a pensioner off in such a way.

        • tiray

          they doing right now to need verify account in the bank they need update i told to her i can deposit other trading apps but now suddenly verified account i want to withdraw my 200 because they requesting me put 1k usd but when im doing deposit my own bank telling unable to process thank you my bank dont want to process now they pushing go my branch to update my # my account i told to her they telling me that update my account already.

      • LEE

        Hi Andrew I to have been scammed by these monsters since Feb 7th 2021. I thought I was helping my family to become financially free of bills after depositing $2700 and working my way up to $11000 3 weeks ago I requested a $2500 withdraw and after numerous emails, texts to the broker the billing department and Maria Daniels all I get back is a automated message saying my request has been recieved by the billing department and that an account manager will contact me shortly, 3 weeks later still no one has contacted me about the withdraw so I google invcenter just to read I have been scammed like many others.

        The brokers I was scammed by are:

        Angela Johnson
        Jack Morrison
        Maria Daniels
        Eric Levine
        Alex Sharpova

        I only wish I had googled the company 5months ago before depositing, but I am also greatful I found out their a scam now rather then later down the line, when they could of still had the chance to scam more money out of me, and at least now I know to check, research and make sure companies are a REGULATED company and the brokers are REGISTERED before falling into the victim basket.


    2. Rina Smith

      They have access to my computer. What should I do??

      • Support Team

        I hope you have resolved this by now. If not it’s important to uninstall the software that they put on your computer. If you are unable to, keep your computer off until you find someone who can assist.

    3. Edward Knight

      I was trading for eight months then all of a sudden the platform has been removed from my computer my investment had earned three a little last time I saw it was three hundred and twenty five dollars.just a mob of scammers in my book

    4. Willem Jordaan

      I was scammed By Nellie Hapher for InVcentre Phone number+447446872995
      She had fist got me to invest to ge to deposit the minim amount . She had max all account applying via any Desk.
      That was seposed to tempary while she applied for persnal loanof R300,000 aproved by the bank . The funds were transfred a week ago before reading the review on the internet. I need money to live on and the bank had been asking for pay ment on the used overdraf I requised a paybay last week friday 13 August2021 with was not given I the aready read the rewiew and ask There licence and number Thats were all went wroug I was deletet of the whatsapp I tried going loggin on the web site on my account i have see that i am blocked i had trieg forget password it did not even pull through to my email. I have realised they had locked me out of my account to make any manual withdrawals.
      Willem Jordaan


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